Product Safety Certification Testing

Product safety certification testing is designed to protect consumers. In order for this type of testing to be appropriately carried out, a number of specific protocols must be in place. In the absence of these protocols, this type of consumer testing is not deemed to have been completed appropriately.

Independent Testing Provider

One of the most fundamental factors associated with product safety certification testing is that it must be undertaken by an independent laboratory or testing facility. There cannot be any type of connection between the testing entity and the enterprise that manufactured a particular product.

The fact is oftentimes a manufacturer seeks out testing facilities to test a product as part of an overall marketing effort. This type of relationship results in testing results that are not considered acceptable as far as an independent analysis of safety is concerned.

Certified Testing Operations

In addition to the independence of a testing facility, center or provider, the entity undertaking safety testing must also be duly certified. Certification is provided by a governmental entity assigned to oversee a particular industry. A variety of different governmental agencies are involved in the certification process.

The certification process is quite extensive. For example, the agency that provides certification confirms the independence of the testing entity. In addition, the agency providing the certification closely examines the safety testing process that is developed and utilized by a particular independent testing organization. The elements of the certification process are routinely updated and altered as technological and other changes occur in the marketplace. In other words, an effort is made to ensure that the independent testing processes do keep up with evolving and changing technology.

In addition to these steps that occur in advance of an entity being granted certification, the assigned governmental agency also maintains ongoing oversight over the testing process, and results. The oversight is necessary to ensure that the testing agency remains both independent and follows the testing protocols that previously were approved during the initial certification process.

Testing Entities Recognized in the United States

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Know About a CNA Certification Test

Why is it essential for a certified nursing assistant to obtain CNA certification? There are numerous benefits of a certification for a certified nursing aide. The certification allows listing with specific state nurse aide registry, legal working in numerous health care clinics, long term care units, hospitals, nursing homes and enhanced career options. CNA is also termed as the first stepping stone for any nursing care career or profession.

There are two basic requirements for certification and that includes:

• Completion of state and federal approved nurse aide training program.
• Passing of CNA Certification Test.

CNA training program consist of classroom and clinical hands-on training of 75 to 150 hours, as per particular state necessities. Classroom training has theory curriculum, based on basic nursing cares to bed side patients. During Clinical training program, a nurse aide student is taught about the ways to provide effective and safe nursing care to patients.

CNA Certification Test

Competency Evaluation Test is essential to evaluate the competency of a nursing student to provide competent care to ailing patients in hospitals and various other health care facilities. The test is administered, regulated and provide scoring by State Board of Nursing in conjunction with other agencies, such as Ivy Tech Community College, Pearson Vue, Prometric and D&S Diversified Technology.

CNA exam have two parts including:

1. Written Test
2. Clinical Test.

Written Test consists of 70-75 multi choice theory questions, which must be completed within 2 hours. A candidate must score 75% & above to pass the test.

Skill test is performed on a volunteer or a live model. Basically five skills are to be demonstrated. Washing and safety are vital skills needed to be demonstrated by the examinee. Time allowed for skill test is 30 to 45 minutes. The passing score for the test is 75% & above.

Clinical exam must be passed before a candidate is allowed to sit for the written test. Failure in any test will disqualify a candidate and he/she will have to take the test again. Exam results are provided same day and candidate can receive the official test report card within few weeks, through their mailing address recorded with testing authority.

The passing of both tests rewards a candidate with the title of certified and listing with respective Nurse Aide Registry. The enlisting also facilitates, working in various health care facilities and hospitals.

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